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The Exterminator
Produced by Unmelted Enterprises


You have a thief in your house. Stealing your money. Stealing your bandwidth. Stealing your pictures. Wonder why your site loads slow? Notice your traffic is decreasing? Sponsor click throughs are getting smaller and smaller? Bandwidth bills are getting higher and higher? Got you curious now huh? We know why!! There is a rat sucking up your bandwidth. Programs such as PAQRAT are allowing people to harvest images from your site without even seeing your pages or sponsors. Guess what? We have a little secrets which can save you thousands of dollars in bandwidth costs. WE CAN EXTERMINATE THE RAT!!!

- Blocks Paqrat, Go!Zilla and much more
- Automatically blocks leechers
- Protects entire site
- Bandwidth Saver
- Super fast detection
- Save thousands of dollars
- Speeds up your server
- Ability to unblock IP addresses
- Manually block IP addresses as well
- Redirect forbidden IP's to another url
- Easy to use Admin area
- Uses little processing power from server
- Easy Setup
- Very affordable script
- Updates Available to members
The Exterminator

The exterminator can block threatening programs such as Paqrat and Go!Zilla from accessing your site. People who use these programs are leeching every single picture from your site without even visiting your actual webpages which contain things like advertisements which pay for your bandwidth. What this means is that Paqrat and Go!Zilla are causing your bandwidth to go up and your advertising income to go down. If someone visits your site with a fast connection and are using a program such as Paqrat or Go!Zilla to leech your site that could easily bog down your server. Now imagine about 5 people with cable connections leeching your site for hours. Your bandwidth bill will skyrocket and your site will slow down especially if your server is only on a T1 like most servers are. Programs such as Paqrat and Go!Zilla are fairly new but are gaining popularity fast. (Remember Napster... watch out) The exterminator is a must and I gurantee you will save the money that you put into the script.

The exterminator will automatically detect and block users immediately if it detects they are using an unauthorizd program that leeches images from your site. A leecher will basically work like a spider in which it will devour any and all links to images and then devour every single one of them. The way the exterminator automatically blocks them is that is pretends that it is one of those images to be devoured (a red herring)... but in reality it is actually a working script (the exterminator) and once it is accessed it will immediately detect the IP address and ban them from accessing anything further on your site, thus saving bandwidth and money.

Red herrings can be placed throughout your entire site so that each access point will first provide the leecher with the red herring. Again red herrings are files that lure programs like Paqrat and Go!Zilla to access them... and once they do access them... BAM, they are blocked. Most sites generally have a few main pages which would be prime spots for the red herrings. Again once the red herring is accessed the person is totally banned from the entire site.

Bandwidth is the amount of transfer that occurs between your server and another client for a specified period of time. For example, if in a one day period you get 10,000 people to your site and on average each person transferred 100 kilobytes of data from your server to their computer, then you would have transferred a total of 1000 megabytes (1 gigabyte) of data. The more bandwidth you use the higher your server bill will usually go. Now programs like Paqrat and Go!zilla are programs webmasters should be very cautious of. These programs, especially when in the hands of people with fast connections (like cable) can increase your bandwith tremendously. When one of these programs starts leeching from your site they will leech every image. So lets say you have 10 megabytes worth of graphics/photos on your site and lets say out of that 10,000 people you only get 50 people coming to your site with a leeching program. From those 50 people they used about 500 megabytes (0.5 gigabytes) of your bandwith in one day! Thats quite a bit of wasted bandwidth that you have to pay for, don't you think? We installed the Exterminator on one of our high traffic sites and it has been banning about 100 people a day. Incredible. Our bandwidth has dropped significantly.

Since one of the first files these leeching programs will be is the red herring, the user will be almost banned immediately. As soon as the red herring is touched the IP address of the user is immediately placed on the banned list and the user will only get a 403 forbidden access page.

The amount of bandwidth that a website uses is one of the biggest bills that website will encounter. Depending on how much bandwith you actually use, the amount can vary from $10 US dollars per month up to thousands of US dollars per month. If we use the example above and save about 500 megabytes (0.5 gigabytes) a day that would be an average savings of $2 US dollars per day. That would be a savings of $60 US dollars per month. Now this can vary great as it depends on how many people are leeching your images and how many images you have for them to leach. If you have over 100 megabytes of pictures on your server (many have a great deal more than that) then you could seriously be saving hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. This script definitely pays for itself, and in most cases will pay for iteself within a couple days after installation.

When leachers come to your site (especially the ones with fast connections) they will hog your bandwidth and others will suffer. These days having a cable modem, DSL, or some other type of fast connection is much more likely. Most servers still can only handle about 4 people with a cable connection at once. If that does happen and you have more information/graphics being requested from your server than your server can handle, guess what... it slows down. Its just like when rush hour happens after a long days work. All of a sudden a massive ammount of traffic (or bandwith in our case) is trying to go on the freeway. If you have ever been in rush hour, which I suspect the majority of you have, its very very slow. Just like your server will be if too much transfer is requested. By blocking these annoying leechers you will keep your highway open and free of congestion.

The exterminator will automatically ban a users IP address when it detects an unauthorized program that is trying to leach your images. If for some reason you need to unban certain IP addresses the administrative interface that comes with the exterminator will allow you to do so. You can unban one IP address at a time or totally reset your list.

If for some reason you ever wish to ban an IP address the administrative interface will allow you to manually ban IP addresses as well.

When a visitor is blocked they will normall see a white screen with black text that says Forbidden Access. This script includes directions on how to redirect your banned users to another url which you can then display an error that looks something like this: 403 Page.

The admin interface is extremely easy to use. The design is pleasing to the eye and it allows you to manually ban IP addresses, manually unban IP addresses, reset the ban list, and change the administrative password. In the admin area it will also show you every single IP address that is banned from accessing your site.

The script itself will barely even touch your processor as it has been designed in a way to only use the minimal amount of functions to get the job done. This also makes the script extremely fast at banning users who have been detected to be using a leeching program.

Setup is fairly easy. Right now the only hard part is our limited installation instructions which can make it more difficult to install. We will be working on making the installation easier and the instructions better. If you encounter any problems trying to install the script we will be here to help. We can also install the script for you for a small fee. Just give us an email if you need more details.

Compared to some of our other scripts we decided to bring the cost of this script way down to ensure that it will be affordable for most webmasters. Our main hope is that we can totally stop programs like Paqrat, Go!zilla and all the other ones that exist. So by equipping webmasters with the Exterminator hopefully our goals can be met. Spread the word, we cannot have these leechers taking over the internet.

If we find that leechers are changing their methods on how they harvest images from webservers you can be assured that we will be right on top of it to find a new solution to stop them, and members will have access to updates.


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